Over 40 mln people nationwide granted Covid-19 vaccine passports

The Electronic Health Administration under the Ministry of Health yesterday informed that the whole country has 40 million people granted Covid-19 vaccine passports. 
Although the Covid-19 vaccine passport issuance was performed since April of 2022, the granting process is still very slow and has not met the set target after three months of implementation.

Currently, around 17 million people being fully vaccinated have not been verified information. The main reason is that residents’ personal information is inaccurate, especially during the peak time of the Covid-19 outbreak in many provinces and cities which has led to the inadequate connection with the national database on population for reference in the process of granting Covid-19 vaccine passports.

The Ministry of Health has proposed Viettel Telecom provide the misinformation database to send to the Ministry of Public Security to support the database adjustment this month. In addition, it is important that the localities need to strengthen the direction and push up the e-signature and issue Covid-19 vaccine passports for residents.

On the same day, the Ministry of Health said that the whole country confirmed 1,161 more Covid-19 infectious cases and 9,072 recovered ones, no death related to the disease. In addition, the country has run out of 240.4 million Covid-19 vaccine doses.

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