Northern region detects nearly 1,800 hectares of weedy rice in crop of 2021-2022

The Northern region recorded an appearance of 1,799 hectares of weedy rice, also called the ghost rice or wild rice in the winter-spring crop of 2021-2022, according to Deputy Head of the Department of Plant Protection under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Farmers face difficulty  in distinguishing between weedy rice and normal rice. (Photo: Huyen Huong)
Notably, the Northern provinces of Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Ninh Binh, Ha Nam have been affected severely.

Previously, the density of weedy rice had been scattered; however, this year, it has developed on a large scale.

The weedy rice is characterized by rapid development, early maturity and usually lower grain yield which is easy to fall off amid the condition of slight winds and self-germinate, spread to the following crops leading to low productivity. Especially, it is very difficult to control because the farmers cannot distinguish between weedy rice and normal rice.

Amid the current situation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has just assigned the Plant Protection Institute to study solutions to prevent the development of this rice.

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