MoT suggests not expanding to change, grant driver’s license online nationwide

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) requested the Government not to expand access to the change and granting of driving licenses online on the National Public Service Portal nationwide as it is ineffective.

Earlier, from July 1, 2020, the agency has coordinated with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Public Security to pilot the program of connecting the health check database, fines for administrative violation of road traffic and providing public administrative service at level 4 on the National Public Service Portal in the capital city of Hanoi and Ha Nam Province.

Accordingly, the number of access to the website has only reached over 2,000 turns and the number of the issuances has been ten so far.

According to the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, the payment option is one of the main reasons for modest registration along with the humble number of hospitals participating in the pilot program.

Meanwhile, the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam is renting the information technology services worth VND162 million (US$7,000) a month and it is calculated to cost around VND542 million (US$23,600) per month to implement the program in the whole country.

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