MoH issues preventative measures after recording human case of A/H5 avian flu

The Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday announced measures to prevent the transmission of avian influenza to humans after recording a human case of A/H5 avian flu in a 5-year-old girl in the Northern Province of Phu Tho’s Dong Thanh Commune.

According to the Ministry of Health’s recommendation, people should not eat poultry, poultry products that are sick, dead and of unknown origin. Additionally, people should eat properly handled and cooked poultry and drink boiled water as well as not slaughter, transport, or trade in poultry and poultry products of unknown origin.
Therefore, when anyone experiences flu symptoms such as fever, cough, chest pain, or shortness of breath after eating poultry products, they must immediately go to a nearby health facility for advice, examination and timely treatment.
According to the Department of Animal Health under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, many localities still reported scattered outbreaks of influenza in poultry flocks currently.
In addition, the weather is now in the seasonal transition period and abnormal changes are favorable for avian influenza virus development, it is potentially posing a risk of avian influenza infection to humans.

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