Ministry of Science and Technology denies number of PhDs published by media

Ministry of Science and Technology yesterday denied the number of Doctors of Philosophy published by some newspapers and confirmed the country has only 12,000 PhDs working and researching in technology & sciences sector

Some newspapers have posted on their online versions that the country has 24,000 PhDs, raising public concerns over a numerous number of PhDs but the country is still poor.

According to a data in a book on Vietnam’s Sciences & Technology 2014 published by publisher National Bureau of Sciences & Technology and Inspection Enterprises, Vietnam has total 12,261 doctors who have been working in scientific researches and technology.

11,411 doctors are working in government agencies, 830 others working for foreign companies, and remaining PhDs operating in companies with foreign investment capital. Around 3,637 of 12,261 PhDs are women, making up 30 percent.

The number of Vietnamese Doctors of Philosophy in sciences and technology in 2012 was 11,501.


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