Meeting to express thanks to voluntary blood donors

The annual celebrations of some 100 voluntary blood donors was organized yesterday in the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion by the Steering Board of Voluntary Blood Donation in Hanoi and the northern province of Phu Tho.
Meeting to express thanks to voluntary blood donors
According to the board, some of outstanding voluntary blood donors such as Nguyen Tri Hieu, Tran Thanh Long and Tran Kinh Quoc in Ho Chi Minh City, donated their blood 60 – 70 times.
Of nearly 1.4 million blood units collected in 2018, Vietnamese voluntary blood donors gave 98.3 percent.
On the occasion, the steering board also introduced the seventh “Red Journey” which will officially started on June 13 to July 28 in 39 cities and provinces countrywide. The journey aims to collect at least 60,000 blood unit for treatment.
This year, the theme of World Health Organization’s Blood Donor Day is “Safe blood for all” to raise people’s awareness of safe blood as well as call for donation of blood for treatment of patients in distant districts.

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