Medical workers who mistakenly give abortion drug must receive harsh punishment

Following newspaper article on medical workers providing three pregnant women with abortion drug mistakenly in the southern province of Tien Giang, the Ministry of Health yesterday sent its urgent dispatch to the local health authority asking to have punishment on those involved.

Medical clinic of Tan Phuoc District (Photo: SGGP)
Medical clinic of Tan Phuoc District (Photo: SGGP)
Additionally, local health authorities and those involved in the incident must write letter acknowledging their wrongdoings. Reports of the incident must be sent back to the Ministry before April 5.
Infirmaries in the province must review procedure of medicine prescription and learn lesson from the case.
Before, a 32-year-old worker Huynh Thi Cuc in her two months of pregnancy was taken to the medical clinic in Tan Phuoc District in Tien Giang. Doctor diagnosed that she was at risk of miscarriage; therefore, she was asked to stay at the clinic three days. Later, prior to her discharge, doctors prescribed her Miprotone, a type of embryo-nourishing medication.
Later in the day Cuc was rushed back to the clinic because she was bleeding from the consumption of two Misoprostol pills. Yet, a staff member at the dispensary provided her with Misoprostol, used for abortion purposes.
As doctors at the clinic said they needed to continue watching her conditions, the family immediately took her to the Tien Giang Gynecological Hospital, where they were told the fetus had died.
In addition to the above woman, two other pregnant women were given the abortion medicines by the medical clinic of Tan Phuoc District; however, they did not take the medicine.
Upon the case, managers of the clinic have suspended three medical workers from work to wait for further punishment.

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