Malaysia on security alert over IS threat

Malaysia is being threatened by the arrival of Islamic State (IS) supporters, who failed to reach Syria, under a tourist cover.
Illustrative photo (Source: Reuters)
Illustrative photo (Source: Reuters)

These foreigners had been detected and stopped at airports in other countries due to their high risk of threatening the local security. 

They were then deported to Malaysia, which has scrapped visa for citizens of many countries. Malaysia received no notice from the deporting countries, and those people entered the nation as tourists.

Malaysian police Special Branch (SB) Counter Terrorism Division principal assistant director Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay said their appearance threatens Malaysia’s security, as they might carry out attacks in the country.

He has asked other countries to notify Malaysia when these IS supporters are deported to Malaysia.

Currently, Malaysian police is hunting about 30 such people.

The country has detained hundreds of terrorism-linked suspects in recent years. It has been on the highest security alert level since suicide bombers and IS-linked gunmen launched attacks in Jakarta last year.

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