Long lines of vehicles flock to gas stations in Hanoi

Similar to Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern provinces, many gas stations in the capital city of Hanoi recorded long lines of vehicles and residents waiting for their turns for several hours to buy gasoline and petroleum on November 5. 

Specifically, from the early morning till midnight, numerous motorbikes gathered at gas stations along streets of Le Van Luong, Thai Thinh, Hao Nam, Tay Son, Lang and so on.

Amid the situation, some gas stations just sold maximum VND50,000 (US$2) gasoline for each motorbike; only a set amount for automobiles.

Meanwhile, some gas stations installed notification of out of gasoline.

Acting Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Hanoi Tran Thi Phuong Lan said that through the inspection, there are eight petrol station being out of gasoline.

The department proposed the Department of Transport of Hanoi to grant permit for 114 gasoline tank trucks to operate 24 hours per 24 hours to promptly provide petroleum to the stations.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade of Hanoi, some customers in the surrounding provinces and cities flocked to the capital city to buy gasoline along with over 10.3 million people in Hanoi leading to the high demand of petroleum consumption.

Some petroleum stations in the city center has small storage tank capacity, little petroleum reserves while the demand is high causing partial shortages of gasoline.

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