Key export products of Vietnam compatible with import demand of Sweden

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Sweden, the import-export turnover between Vietnam and Sweden was merely at around US$1.4 billion last year; the export market share of Vietnam accounted for about 0.2 percent of total imports of Sweden.
Sweden in particular and Northern Europe, in general, is a potential market for Vietnamese goods when key export products of Vietnam are totally compatible with the import demand of Sweden. Especially, the recently-signed EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement will bring positive impacts for both countries.

Analyzing 25 product groups that Sweden imported most and 25 product groups that Vietnam exported most in the past five years, it showed that many products of the latter can be exported to the former, including home furniture, plastic and plastic products, garments, fish and crustaceans, steel, rice, tea, and coffee. The import demand in Sweden is more and more increasing and diverse.

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