Japanese police identify Vietnamese man killed in Osaka

The police in Japan’s Osaka prefecture on August 3 confirmed the identity of a young Vietnamese man who was killed in the prefecture a day earlier.
Images on the clip (Source: vietnamnet)
Images on the clip (Source: vietnamnet)
In a document sent to the Vietnamese Consulate General in Osaka, the police identify the victim as T.T.A, 22, holding the passport number C6798205. He was assaulted and pushed into the river at 8:20pm on August 2 in the pedestrian area near Ebisu bridge in Chuo district, Osaka city. Though the rescue team rushed him to hospital, he died at 9:21pm the same day.
The Vietnamese Consulate General in Osaka said it had worked with the Japanese Foreign Ministry and the Osaka police, requesting prompt investigation to soon bring the criminal to justice.
The Consulate General will also work closely with Japanese agencies and Vietnamese associations in Kansai region to collect more information and conduct timely and necessary citizen protection measures.
According to the Consulate General, a video believed to be recorded by a Vietnamese was posted on social networks on August 2 which showed the young man was assaulted and pushed into the river.
The Consulate General had contacted the person who was believed to record and upload the video to the fanpage “Osaka Baito” on Facebook. However, the person denied being the recorder and claimed that he only uploaded the video to attract views.
Initial information revealed that the victim was a student who had completed a Japanese language course at a school under the Ashiya International Academy and was applying for a temporary visa to stay in Japan.

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