Japanese delegation works with Binh Chanh District Hospital

A Japanese delegation led by Congressman Nakano visited and learned about the operating procedures of the general hospital in Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Chanh District.

Director Vo Ngoc Cuong talks to Japanese delegation

Director Vo Ngoc Cuong of Binh Chanh District Hospital said that after the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospital has overcome many difficulties in the provision of services to patients while retaining good staff and continuing to supply medical examination and treatment. The hospital has 19 clinical and paraclinical departments, 7 functional rooms, 6 units, and 1 satellite general clinic located at Vinh Loc B commune medical station.

Currently, the hospital has an average of about 1,600 outpatients and 300 inpatients per day and a bed occupancy rate of 90 percent. The hospital is also preparing to put into operation a medical examination area with high technical requirements to serve self-pay patients. With increasing demand, current facilities and equipment still do not meet people's needs. The hospital hoped that authorities would pay more attention to the hospital as well as the Japanese delegation.

Patients with chronic kidney disease have a huge need for treatment at the hospital; therefore, the hospital plans to establish an artificial kidney center and cardiovascular intervention center in the future and to develop the rehabilitation therapy unit into a center. The hospital leader expected the Japanese side will support in training and equipment to help the hospital develop, to provide comprehensive care for patients, said Director Vo Ngoc Cuong.

Speaking at the meeting, Congressman Nakano said that, like Vietnam, Japan is also facing the problem of an aging population, most of whom have many psychological and mental problems; Vietnamese and Japanese healthcare also have similarities in that qualified doctors are all at large hospitals so patients tend to visit large medical facilities instead of grassroots medical facilities in districts.

After the meeting, Congressman Nakano affirmed to study Japan's most advanced model to assist Binh Chanh District Hospital.

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