Japanese coast guard ship arrives Da Nang

Japanese coast guard ship Echigo carrying 54 officers and crew members yesterday docked at Tien Sa port to begin an official friendly visit to Da Nang city.
Japanese coast guard ship Echigo
Japanese coast guard ship Echigo

Ship Echigo has 105.4 meter in length, 14.6 meter in width and its capacity of 3,100 tons with modern navigational equipmen, which is captained by Colonel Toyota Chikara. 

This is the fourth times that the ship arrived in Da Nang city. 

The two nations’ coastal guard forces plan to exchange experience about maritime search and rescue coordination to ensure maritime security.

As plan, the officers and crew members will pay a courtesy to the People’s Committee of Da Nang, visit the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre Zone 2 and participate in a volleyball competition with High Command of Coastal Guard Zone 2.

Colonel Toyota Chikara spoke at the press conference that Japanese coast guard forces will have a training session with Vietnamese coast guard force to raise maritime law-enforcement. 

In 2015, navy forces of the two countries co- signed a memorandum of understanding about sharing mutual experience & cooperating each other.

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