Injured Vietnamese fishermen given emergency aid in Singapore

Three Vietnamese fishermen working on Singapore’s Le Tong Patriot ship received emergency aid at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) after they suffered severe burns from a fire on board on May 6.

They included Phan Minh Duong born in 1995 from Binh Thuan province, Truong Thanh Dat born in 1993 from Quang Ngai province and Nguyen Huy Hoang born in 1989 from Hai Phong City.

Doctor Chong Si Jack from the SGH said that Duong and Dat can be discharged from hospital and receive further physical therapy or return home for recovery. Meanwhile, Hoang has undergone surgery for his burns.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore Nguyen Tien Minh and officials from the embassy came to visit the patients. 

Ambassador Minh thanked SGH doctors for effectively treating the fishermen.

Initial information from the embassy showed that the three men had been working in Singapore for 21 days to the day of the accident, under a labour contract signed with Nhat Viet Transportation Corporation.

The embassy has worked with agencies in Singapore to clarify the cause of the incident and protect the rights of the labourers.

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