Industry 4.0 technologies crucial for tra fish sector: Minister

Industry 4.0 technologies are critical to improving tra fish quality and value, according to Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong.

Tra fish processed for export (Photo: VNA)
Tra fish processed for export (Photo: VNA)
Checking the high-tech tra fish farming in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang on February 17, Cuong lauded the application of nanobubble aeration system and bakture powder catalyst to treat wastewater in tra fish breeding ponds in Nam Viet Joint Stock Company, which helps protect the environment while bringing more benefits to the farmers and contributing to the formation of complete value chain of the businesses.
Around 360 million high-quality fries, and some 200,000 tonnes of material tra fish are produced after Nam Viet deployed the technologies in an area of 600 hectares in Chau Phu district’s Binh Phu commune.
As the project helps Nam Viet ensure sufficient supply of materials for processing by itself, the firm can create a competitive edge over its competitors and gain higher yields from exports.
Minister Cuong asked the company to continue expanding the project, and ordered local authorities to facilitate the implementation of the project.
“If the project is carried out comprehensively, fry and environment issues are not big problems for the tra fish sector anymore”, he stressed.
On the occasion, Cuong also suggested local businesses invest heavily in intensive processing for high returns, and diversify foreign markets while paying more attention to the domestic one which boasts a population of nearly 100 million and tens of millions of international visitors each year.
Also, he said that the companies should study eel farming from mud taken from tra fish breeding ponds as they will make considerable gains from the model.

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