Indonesia aims to be free from extreme poverty by 2024

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has set a national target to reduce the country’s extreme poverty to zero percent by 2024.

Illustrative image (Photo:
Illustrative image (Photo:
The Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded the poverty rate in September 2019 reached 9.22 percent (24.79 million) which is a 0.19 percent point reduction (0.36 million) compared to March 2019 and has reduced 0.44 percent (0.88 million) compared to September of 2018.
Out of the 24.79 million people living in poverty, 9.91 million of them are living under the extreme poverty line.
The President stressed the need to focus on the population who are extremely poor, register them and locate them to reach the 2024 goal of reducing extreme poverty to zero percent.

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