Ice, frost seen in Fansipan’s peak

Ice and frost were seen yesterday on the rocks and the pagoda roof on the peak of Fansipan mountain when the temperature in Sapa in the northern province of Lao Cai dropped sharply to 0 degree Celsius.

Ice, frost seen in Fansipan’s peak
Tourists were amazed to find ice and frost lining in the northern province of Lao Cai. Meteorologist said ice and frost will cover the peak of the Mountain when the temperature fell to zero degree Celsius.
A front of cold front is hitting the North Vietnam on November 1.
Meteorologists yesterday forecast there would be four to five cold fronts hitting the North Vietnam meanwhile the Central Vietnam will have shower; however, rainy season will end soon. In November, it is highly likely that one storm or low tropical depression in the East Sea.
People should be cautious about strong wind and thunderstorms but in November, the Central and the North Central will suffer severe drought.
The Central Highlands and South Vietnam will have the higher temperature in November.
This year rainfall will be below average by 20 – 40 percent as per the forecast. However, some Mekong delta coastal provinces have same rainfall as previous years.

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