Health Ministry asks for report of illegal abortion

The Department of Medical Examination and Treatment under the Ministry of Health yesterday sent a document to the Department of Health in Ho Chi Minh City, urging to report an illegal abortion performed by a Chinese doctor that nearly caused death of a Vietnamese woman.

The Department was also asked to verify the complication that the Vietnamese women suffered to have best treatment.

The Department of Medical Examination and Treatment also ordered the health sector in HCMC to tighten control of treatment conducted by foreign physicians and issued penalties to organizations and individuals who committed the sin.

As per the Department of Health in HCMC, the clinic can offer examinations and treatment of gynecological diseases, pregnancy examinations and monitoring, and other medical services, but it is not allowed to conduct abortions as it is shown in the clinic's license. 

The Ministry of Health requested its department to report the case before April 27.

According to a complaint of the 48-year-old victim, when she went the Quoc Te [International] General Clinic, located at 221 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1, she met a Chinese female doctor, Lian Xing Fang, who agreed to help her abolish the fetus without asking for any documents proving her health conditions.

The Chinese doctor administered to her a kind of medication to facilitate the removal of the fetus from the womb, but in the afternoon she still failed to eject the baby.

The woman was taken to the city-based Tu Du Obstetrics Hospital since she experienced a painful, failed abortion at the foreign clinics.

Lian Xing Fang was licensed by the Ministry of Health in 2012 and has labor license issued by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

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