HCMC to start receiving stranded tourists in Da Nang City from August 12

Ho Chi Minh City plans to receive 625 stranded tourists in Da Nang City, including 438 residents of Ho Chi Chi Minh and 187 people from many provinces and cities across the country, starting from August 12. 
(Illustrative photo:SGGP)
(Illustrative photo:SGGP)

It is expected that the numerous tourists would arrive in Tan Son Nhat International Airport on August 12 after they have had the testing results a day before.

Upon arriving at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the city will release information to the local authorities to receive and quarantine passengers living in the other provinces and cities according to the regulations while the residents of Ho Chi Chi Minh will be sent to district-level centralized isolation centers.

Previously, the HCMC Department of Health had sent an official letter to ask the Da Nang City Department of Health to take samples of the stranded tourists for coronavirus testing. 

At a yesterday meeting on the Covid-19 prevention and control, Director of the HCMC Department of Health Mr.Nguyen Tan Binh informed that eight coronavirus cases have been isolated at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and one patient has been treated at the Cu Chi Acute Respiratory Disease Hospital in HCMC.

At the moment, all patients are in stable health situation without fever, cough, difficult breathing.

The city discovered, conducted quarantine requirement and treated two patients with re-tested positive for the coronavirus at the Cu Chi Acute Respiratory Disease Hospital. Currently, two patients exited fever, cough and difficult breathing symptoms. 

Up to now, HCMC has 305 people with respiratory symptoms being isolated at the quarantine areas of hospitals, including 230 cases with negative test results and 75 ones being waited for the results.

As reported, around 1,113 cases are complying with requirement of concentrated medical isolation and 7,434 cases are staying at home and accommodations for self-quarantine requirement. 

The medical staffs strictly imposed medical declarations and checked temperature for crew members and passengers of 11 international flights and 91 domestic flights carrying 12,905 passengers, six trains with a total of 761 passengers and 14 international cruise ships with 275 crew members.

Up to now, the health sector has imposed health declaration procedures at 24 the city districts for around 51,337 arrivals from Da Nang City since July 1. 

Among 45,019 coronavirus suspected cases having been sampled for testing, 43,414 people have negative results, six cases have positive results being announced by the Ministry of Health (patient No. 510, 517, 518, 567, 568 and 589) and the rest are waiting for the results.

The epidemiologic investigation statistics showed that 872 people had close contact with the Covid-19 patients, including 243 cases being at centralized isolation centers and 605 self-quarantine cases at home.

The medical staffs urgently took samples of 848 out of 872 the above cases for coronavirus testing. Results showed 831 negative samples. 

The health units have coordinated with local authorities to localize and handle the pandemic outbreak places according to regulations. Besides that, it’s essential to trace, investigate and isolate those who had close contact with the Covid-19 patients.

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