Government issues Decree to protect mineral resources

The Government has issued a decree on the protection of mineral resources at national mineral reserves in accordance with the Mineral Law.
Illustrative image (Photo: SGGP)
Illustrative image (Photo: SGGP)
The Decree states that investors are responsible for protecting mineral resources during project implementation and are banned from taking advantage when carrying out projects to exploit minerals.
If violations are found, investors will be punished, depending on the nature and level of violations and the volume of illegally-exploited minerals. They could also have their projects suspended or revoked.
When seeking permission for investment in national mineral reserves, they are required to assess the impact on the quantity and quality of mineral resources and propose measures in their pre-feasibility reports to protect minerals.
The State will not take responsibility for paying compensation to investors when the mineral reserve time expires, in accordance with a Prime Ministerial decision.

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