Genetic consultation center set up in HCMC

The Ho Chi Minh City-based University Medical Hospital in coordination with the Medical Genetics Institute and Gene Solutions Company yesterday officially established a genetic consultation center which will provide information and support to people who have, or may be at risk for, genetic disorders.

The center will help patients with genetic disorders to get access to high technologies in undergoing genetic tests for examination and treatment of diseases relating to hereditary disorders.

The hospital, the institute and the company will provide health services applying genetic tests in taking care of patients as well as to meet people’s requirements.

Physicians will apply the US Illumina’s clinical sequencing technologies in carrying out genetic tests. Clinical sequencing technologies, which identify gene mutations that contribute to disease, can be a game changer for many patients, informing treatment and personalizing care. Combined with a patient’s medical history, genomic data can improve outcomes in cancer, reproductive health, rare genetic diseases, infectious diseases and other areas.

On the occasion of the center opening, 100 first patients who register to have general medical checkup at the University Medical Hospital will have a chance to enjoy a gratis genetic test. Free genetic test will take place from January 4 to 18.