Firms in Dong Nai owe social insurance premiums

Firms in the Southern Province of Dong Nai have been owing social insurance premiums, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and occupational accident and occupational disease insurance.

According to statistics of the Social Insurance of Dong Nai Province, 307 employers who are responsible for paying social insurance owe social insurance premiums, health insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational accident and occupational disease insurance from 3 months or more of thousands of employees with a total amount of more than VND229.4 billion.

Specifically, Lilama 45-1 Company in Long Thanh District owes the most with more than VND41.8 billion for 75 months while Dai Viet Construction and Bridge Company Limited in Thong Nhat District owes the least with more than VND70.1 million in 4 months. Businesses that owe money for a long time such as Lilama 45-4 Company in Bien Hoa City owed 97 months with an amount of more than VND18.3 billion or Hanul Line Vietnam Company in Long Khanh City owes 41 months in amount of more than VND29.5 billion.

According to the Dong Nai Social Insurance, the inefficient production and business activities of some enterprises, the reduction of employees' participation in various types of insurance, and the non-compliance with the law on insurance resulted in the evasion of such kinds of insurance.

The Dong Nai Social Insurance is urging enterprises to pay money on time, providing payable amounts and arising debts for each unit. Social insurance staff keeps a close watch on these above-mention firms.

In related news, the Tax Department of the Southern Province of Binh Duong said that it issued a decision to sanction many businesses this year that were late in submitting tax returns with a total amount of more than VND22.2 billion.

Accordingly, the Department has issued 4,884 decisions on penalties for late filing of tax returns including warning issuance to 1,228 firms. Moreover, the Department has instructed thousands of other firms which have not submitted dossiers as prescribed. At the same time, the Department received nearly 461,000 turns of tax declaration files.

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