Field hospital with 800 beds to be built in Can Tho City

The Ministry of Health announced the plan to set up a field hospital with 800 beds in Can Tho City to treat the Covid-19 patients on the spot for the Mekong Delta region.

Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long and his staff yesterday had a working session with Can Tho City on the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control.

Field hospital with 800 beds to be built  in Can Tho City ảnh 1 Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long at the meeting 
At present, Can Tho City has four Covid-19 treatment facilities; one of them managed by the military and one accommodation establishment. Physicians in Can Tho have successfully treated 10 Covid-19 cases. Currently, three medical establishments in Can Tho City are eligible to test Covid-19 and able to receive 1,500 samples per day.

According to pharmacist Nguyen Phuoc Ton, Deputy Director of Can Tho Department of Health, Can Tho city has bumped into some difficulties due to the complex development of the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, being the center of the Mekong Delta, a large number of people from other provinces come to study and work in Can Tho City. At the same time, Can Tho International Airport continues to receive international flights which bring Vietnamese citizens and experts back to Vietnam.

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long expressed his concern about the possible risk of the Covid-19 spread. He also warned that the fourth outbreak may occur because the Covid-19 pandemic is rapidly spreading in some countries as well as countries in the region.

Especially, more people will travel on the upcoming April 30 and May 1, which can increase the risk of the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition, some people ignore Covid-19 preventative measures.

To handle the above situation, the Minister of Health decided to establish a field hospital with 800 beds in Phong Dien District, Can Tho City. The field hospital will have professional and technical support from Cho Ray Hospital, Can Tho Central General Hospital and Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy.