Enterprises support Covid-19 infections without symptoms to go to work

The authorities of Long An, Ca Mau have just issued temporary regulations to adapt safely, flexibly and effectively to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Mekong Delta provinces, including the pilot regulation of allowing Covid-19 infected employees and close contacts of confirmed cases who are with mild or without symptom to go to work. 
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Particularly those Covid-19 infections, who are cadres, civil servants and public officials working for Party, State organizations and units, production and business facilities, companies, factories, with mild or without symptoms are temporarily allowed to go to the working places or work online flexibly.

According to Director of An Khoa Seafood Company Limited Tran Van Trung, there have been numerous cases of Covid-19 in the Ca Mau Province, and the company also recorded new infectious workers every day. Previously, the Covid-19 infections without symptoms had to stay at home. Now, there is the policy of allowing Covid-19 patients to go to work and the company has proactively implemented the newly-issued regulation. 

The leader of Minh Phu Seafood Corporation also said that under the guidance of Ca Mau Province, the working area of Covid-19 infected cases must be isolated to avoid direct contact with other people. With this regulation, the implementation is suitable with Covid-19 employees in the office work, but it is very difficult for production staff. 

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