Enforcement of economic, corruption cases sees significant increase

The General Department of Civil Judgment Enforcement has initiated new enforcement proceedings for 3,895 cases related to economic and corruption cases.

Enforcement of economic and corruption cases sees significant increase

Over the first nine months, this is an increase of 1,470 cases (60.62 percent) compared to the same period in 2023. Adding with the quantity carried over from the previous period, the figure comes to 6,396 cases, a rise of 44.71 percent year to year.

Of them, 4,779 cases have met the conditions for enforcement, an increase of 1,605 cases compared to the same period in 2023, accounting for 74.72% of the total number of cases to be enforced. Among these cases, 2,117 have been successfully enforced, a rise of 581 cases as opposed to this time last year.

However, the success rates in terms of both cases and asset recovery have decreased by 1.29 percent and 4.86 percent respectively. The results of recovering money and assets in economic and corruption cases have decreased significantly while the number of complaints and denunciations has increased.

There are many cases where the enforcement decisions are inaccurate (more than 300 enforcement decisions have to be withdrawn or canceled). The number of cases carried over to the next period has increased sharply in terms of both cases and asset recovery compared to the same period in 2023.

While acknowledging that the main cause is subjective, the enforcement agencies also believe that objective causes arising in the process of directing and organizing enforcement such as incomplete legal regulations, a lack of effective coordination among relevant agencies also have a significant impact on the results of enforcement, including both civil and administrative cases.

In addition, the number of administrative judgments to be monitored is increasing. There is still a situation where state agencies as enforcement units do not strictly comply with the judgments, leading to a rise in pending cases.

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