Dong Nai Province in shortage of HES200 against dengue fever shock

The Department of Health of Dong Nai Province informed that amid the surge of dengue fever infections, many hospitals ordered hydroxyethyl starches HES 200,000 (HES200) and Dextran 40 against dengue fever shock but all of them are out of stock.
Currently, Dong Nai Province recorded 7,391 cases of dengue fever and five deaths related to the disease.

Similarly, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Soc Trang Province reported that by mid-June, the Mekong Delta locality recorded 350 hospitalized cases related to dengue fever, an increase of 195 cases compared to the same period in 2021.

Amid the current complicated and unpredictable disease situation, the health sector recommended the children need to be promptly taken to hospitals and medical facilities for treatment in case they have dengue fever-like symptoms with high fever for several days, headache and hemorrhagic fever on the skin.

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