Digital businesses in Vietnam develop unevenly

The Ministry of Information and Communications reported that the number of digital businesses in Vietnam has reached 67,300 companies, a rise of over 3,400 compared to December 2021 and a ratio of 0.69 enterprise per 1,000 citizens.

The quantity of digital businesses in Vietnam has continuously developed from 45,600 companies in 2019 to 58,000 and 64,000 in 2020 and 2021, respectively. It is predicted that in 2022, this figure will be 70,000.

However, the distribution of digital businesses is not even as they mostly base their headquarters in the four areas of Ho Chi Minh City (with the ratio of 3.19 enterprises per 1,000 citizens), Hanoi (2.29), Da Nang City (2.24), and Bac Ninh Province (1.02). The proportion of digital businesses in these four areas accounts for over 72 percent of the whole country.

Meanwhile, in some other provinces and cities, this ratio is extremely low compared to the national average (0.07 as opposed to 0.69), leading to the inability to launch the digital transformation process successfully or to boost socio-economic growth in those localities.

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