Death toll from earthquakes in Philippines rises to eight

At least eight people were killed and 60 more injured after two earthquakes shook Batanes islands, the north of the Philippines, early July 27, according to the Philippine Government.
The earthquakes damaged homes in Batanes.  (Photo: BBC)
The earthquakes damaged homes in Batanes. (Photo: BBC)

The quakes were magnitude of 5.4 and 5.9 respectively. Several big aftershocks hit the area later.  

The first quake killed five people while three others lost their lives in the aftershocks, according to Ricardo Jalad, executive director of the Philippines’ national disaster agency. 

The agency has been sending medical and rescue teams to the islands, while the military was also deploying an aircraft to transport supplies and bring out injured, he said.

Mayor Raul de Sagon said the number of dead and injured people may be higher.

The Philippines is on the geologically active Pacific Ring of Fire and experiences frequent earthquakes. Latest 6.3-magnitude quake in April killed 11 people and collapsed a market in the north of Manila capital. 

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