Customs clearance at Northern border gates sped up

About 1,300 trucks need customs clearance at Northern border gates each day as the goods volume increases by 20 percent compared to normal time.


The goods amount approaching the border gates in Lang Son Province, namely Huu Nghi, Chi Ma, Tan Thanh, Coc Nam, Na Hinh, and Na Nua, and Dong Dang International Train Station is witnessing an increase of 20 percent as opposed to December 2023.

The latest report from the Management Board of Dong Dang – Lang Son Border Gate Economic Zone reveals that the total quantity of merchandise trucks finishing customs clearance on February 5 was 1,420, including 404 vehicles transporting exports (347 trucks of fruits and 57 of other items).

The reason for this rise of merchandise carriers is an increase in produce and fresh fruit export as well as a growth in importing machine part, consumer goods for manufacturing activities after the Tet holiday.

At the border gates in Lang Son Province, there is basically no congestion, but customs clearance procedures will stop after February 9 (the 30th of the last lunar month) because the Chinese customs closes from February 10-13 for Tet holiday.

Therefore, the procedure proceeds until the end of February 9 at 5 out of 6 border gates except for Na Nua Border Gate, which already stopped this operation on February 7.

From February 14-17, the three border gates of Huu Nghi, Tan Thanh, and Chi Ma will conduct the customs clearance procedure for the shipments with registration in advance. From February 18, every operation resumes as usual.

To speed up the customs clearance task for imports and exports before Lunar New Year, officers at all border gates are on duty for the maximum number of working hours possible to eliminate congestion. In particular, Huu Nghi International Border Gate Customs Branch is arranging staff to carry out the procedure until 10:00 p.m. or even 11:00 p.m. each day to finish all declaration forms for that day, with the priority to exported produce and fresh fruits.

The Management Board of Dong Dang – Lang Son Border Gate Economic Zone and related functional agencies at the border gates are also preparing activities to welcome the new Lunar Year for drivers and goods owners still at the border gates waiting for customs clearance at this time.

The Prime Minister has signed a formal dispatch on strengthening logistics connections with China to boost the consumption and export of agricultural, forestry and fishery products from Vietnam. He requested support for the Vietnam – China train route to increase the volume of goods transporting via railway in order to avoid congestion on the road routes.

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