Citizens warned of fake VNeID application

The Public Security Ministry yesterday warned that ill-intention people have contacted many people to instruct the installation of a fake VNeID app for property appropriation.

An interface of a fake VNeID app

Accordingly, criminals take advantage of the ignorance of some people to send a link via SMS or online chat apps (Zalo, Facebook) for these victims to download and install a fake VNeID app, whose interface is identical with the real one.

The fake app will ask for high-level device access rights, including reading sensitive data and messages with OTP codes. The criminals will then use these confidential codes and data to control the bank accounts of the victim for property appropriation.

To avoid this scam, the Public Security Ministry warns that citizens only install VNeID from the formal source of App Store (for iOS) and Play Store (for Android). It is not advisable to use unknown links or sources for the installation of this important software.

It is also not recommended to turn on the feature of installing apps from unidentified sources on the smart device in order to safeguard it. In addition, citizens are warned not to provide their personal information to strangers via phone.

The Public Security Ministry asks that the public regularly update news on administrative procedures on its official e-Portal or Fanpage as well as the formal sites of the local police. When detecting a suspicious case, people should immediately contact the police officer in charge of their neighborhood or the nearest police station for further instruction.

At present, the Ministry of Public Security has only two official e-Portals of and The domain name to access local members of this ministry has the structure of or (where tendonvi is the short form of full form of that member unit in unaccented Vietnamese or in English.

The domain name to access provincial Public Security Departments has the structure of (where tentinhthanh is the name of the provincial or municipal People’s Committee).

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