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Cyberbullying creating harmful impacts on children

Cyberbullying creating harmful impacts on children

As netizens, children are exposed to various negative information, not to mention privacy attacks and cyberbullying. These acts might make them suffer from unwanted depression, which is rather dangerous to their mental health.
Citizens warned of increasingly cunning tricks of cyber scams

Citizens warned of increasingly cunning tricks of cyber scams

Seeing that sensitive information leaks have been reported recently, SGGP Newspaper has conducted an interview with Deputy Head Trieu Manh Tung of the Department of Cyber Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention (under the Public Security Ministry).
International conference and exhibition on information security in the Southern region in 2022, held in HCMC

Vietnam urgently strengthens information security on mobile devices

Information security on smart devices is a global critical matter as there are more and more people using these devices for their daily operations. In Vietnam, as citizens are gradually accustomed to using smart devices for online shopping, distance working and learning, online public services, the identification and prevention of cyber-attacks from these devices have become a top priority these days.

Vietnam puts top priority to personal information security

Vietnam puts top priority to personal information security

Illegal collection or stealing personal data on the Internet, especially on social networks, in Vietnam has become so thorny lately. One critical matter in Vietnam at present is to ensure the security and safety of its Population Database, which is developed by the Public Security Ministry and is fully exploited by various ministries and state agencies for socio-economic growth.

An event related to cryptocurrency was held in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting a great number of participants. (Photo: SGGP)

Cryptocurrencies show high risks

Even though cryptocurrencies are not legally recognized in Vietnam, they have gradually become popular due to unlawful trading via specific platforms. As their value is quite high, lately, there have been infamous cyber-attacks or scams aiming at appropriating cryptocurrencies.

Regular activities of NCSC.

Info administrators warned to fortify cyber security in 2022

The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) under the Authority of Information Security (AIS – Ministry of Information and Communications) reported a total of nearly 1,400 cyber-attacks in January alone (an increase of 10.29 percent compared to last December). This alarming figure has forced information administrators of organizations as well as each Internet user in Vietnam to use proper tools to strengthen their cyber security.

Another information leak related to Bkav website reported

Another information leak related to Bkav website reported

A member of Raidforums nicknamed seasalt123 has lately posted a user database supposedly belonging to Breport.vn of Bkav. The database contains sensitive information like user IDs and emails, full names and phone numbers.

The police are inspecting the location where criminals carry out their illegal activities.

Illegal digital data trading detected

The Department of Cyber Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention, Ministry of Public Security (A05) yesterday announced the result of its fight against a group of people illegally selling confidential digital data of Vietnamese people.

Information of Vietnamese citizen ID card is sold illegally on RaidForums

No information leak in latest illegal ID card information sale

An account named Ox1337xO, created on RaidForums in May 2021, announced a sale of a 17GB data package on May 13. This package is supposed to include details of citizen ID cards of many Vietnamese people. The post was then deleted, but was still stored in the cache of Google search engine, and has raised serious concern over information safety.

Sensitive information security has become the focused area after many incidents of data leak lately. (Photo: SGGP)

Vietnam introduces passwordless authentication

Never has the issue of security for sensitive information received such a focus as it is now. Witnessing a series of confidential information leak lately, Internet users all over the world, including Vietnam, hope to have a safer approach using advanced technologies in order to discourage even expert hackers.

High-quality email service providers always offer warning features when users have new emails from strangers. (Photo by SGGP)

Simple cyber attacks raging in Vietnam

Certain attacks on the Internet such as spam, phishing, scam comments on social networks, look quite simple; yet they are wrecking a havoc for both the community and businesses in Vietnam.

Cyber security becoming urgent issue in Vietnam

Cyber security becoming urgent issue in Vietnam

Just like other countries in the modern world, Vietnam is significantly affected by complicated and rapid changes of cyber security. These changes have posed risks and challenges to each individual, organization, and company. They even issue dire threats to national security.