Citizens warned not to let strangers capture images of their citizen ID cards

The Criminal Police Department (C02 – under the Public Security Ministry) yesterday released a warning that citizens not let their citizen ID card, bank account borrowed, rented, bought, or pictured by strangers without a valid purpose.

The Public Security Ministry warns that citizens not let strangers capture image or rent their citizen ID cards.

This warning comes from the fact that lately, the illegal activity of buying sensitive information on bank accounts, citizen ID cards has been blooming in many localities.

C02 mentioned typical tricks that criminals normally use, such as steal confidential information via people’s carelessness when uploading the images of their citizen ID cards, household registration book on social networks (Zalo, Facebook) or on services websites (for online shopping, job application, loan registration).

These criminals may also take advantage of people’s ignorance to request a capture of victims’ portrait, citizen ID card, in exchange for VND100,000 – 300,000 (US$4.3 – 13). They could trick to rent or buy victims’ bank accounts.

With this valuable information at hand, criminals are able to fake important documents to commit fraudulent activities and appropriate property of others.

C02 informed that most people are not aware that letting others borrowing or renting account information can lead to such serious crimes. However, there are some who do know and because of greed, still agree with those crimes. These people are considered accomplices.

When realizing their personal information is stolen for illegal activities, citizens must contact the nearest authorities for help and their banks or mobile network carriers to temporarily freeze their account. When detecting their citizen ID cards are taken advantage of, people must immediately report to the nearest police station with valid proofs for handling according to law.

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