Chinese drugs containing human flesh not allowed in Vietnam

Following the news that the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON)’s official confirmation last month that a Chinese drug sold in the African country contained human flesh, the Drug Administration of Vietnam affirmed human flesh Chinese drugs are not allowed to circulate in the country.

In its document to departments of health across the country, the country’s drug administration said that Chinese drugs in the form of capsules containing human flesh are not licensed or circulated in Vietnam, in response to recent reports of a drug.
To protect people, the administration requested health departments to increase information of the drug as well as encourage people not to buy or take drugs without clear indication of origins. 

When discovering unoriginal drugs, people should report to relevant authorities of any discovery of drugs advertised to contain human flesh in Vietnam, the health watchdog said.
Customs agencies, market management board, police in localities liaise to detect drugs and issue penalties to violators according to the present regulations.
The National Intelligence Agency of Nigeria has lately verified that the drugs are filled with powdered human flesh. The manufacturers claim that the capsules can boost stamina, cure cancer, diabetes and some other terminal diseases.

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