Carriers to intercept new subscribers for 2G Only phones from March

Telecommunication carriers set to intercept new mobile subscribers with 2G Only phones which are not on the list of conformity certificates issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC).

This is a new annoucement from the Authority of Telecommunications under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Users can search for models of 2G phones via

The move comes in line with the policy and orientation of terminating 2G mobile technology and popularizing smartphones.

The termination of 2G signal aimed at taking advantage of frequency resources for modern telecommunication technologies in accordance with the development targets of the carriers and the country, thereby, improving the quality of the 4G mobile technology system, optimizing operation and exploitation costs for better services.

Telecommunication enterprises are responsible for popularizing the solution implementation of controlling and preventing users from connection to 2G mobile technology and announcing contact points to handle arising complaints from customers.

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