Capacitive deionization ions technology introduced to treat rainwater

On the morning of July 21, the Center for Statistics and Science and Technology Information of Ho Chi Minh City under the Department of Science and Technology cooperated with Maxdream Company to organize an event to introduce rainwater treatment solutions with capacitive deionization (CDI) ions technology.
Capacitive deionization ions technology introduced to treat rainwater ảnh 1
The event introduced solutions for collecting and treating rainwater using CDI technology for households and industries. Accordingly, when rainwater is collected from the roof and surface, it is passed through a filter membrane and a pipe before reaching the storage tank to minimize the amount of garbage, leaves, and suspended sediment; then, it continues to be passed through the pre-filter system, to the secondary storage tank and the main filter.
CDI filter technology uses Nano filters, completely filtering 22 digestive and physical indicators including difficult-to-filter substances such as nitrate, and nitrite and can filter most water sources such as tap water, wastewater, polluted water, and even salt water.
At present, rainwater recycling by CDI technology can be applied in industrial parks, residential areas, and high-rise buildings to solve problems of clean water security, reduction of wastewater and flooding in big cities. However, experts said that recycled rainwater still has many limitations such as lack of minerals, unstable like river water, and well water; plus, there is not enough recycled rainwater for domestic use in the dry season.
According to scientist Do Huu Quyet, who researched CDI technology, this is a new technology in Vietnam, the system can filter all types of water and is very energy efficient.
The filtration efficiency is quite high, pure and clean water can be drunk directly, the ability to recover water is up to 90 percent, no harmful substances are released into the environment, and the filter core can be used for 5-10 years.
The price of each rainwater filter using CDI technology for households is from VND8 million (US$342)-VND10 million, and over VND70 million for an industrial park.

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