Body of Vietnamese victim in deadly Halloween crush repatriated

Chairman of Vinh Thanh District, Binh Dinh Province Bui Tan Thanh yesterday said that the body of the 21-year-old overseas student D.T.T in Vinh Thuan Commune in the deadly Halloween crush had been repatriated to the locality for burial in accordance with supported policies of functional sectors of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea.

Body of Vietnamese victim in deadly Halloween crush was repatriated.

Chairman Thanh also said that the locality had paid a visit to the victim’s family and arranged forces to support her family to hold funeral observances.

According to the victim’s family, female student D.T.T has studied in the Republic of Korea since 2019 after she graduated high school. In the Republic of Korea, she studied in major of business administration, sold cosmetics online and acted as a photo model.

Her parents had the plan to visit her by end of November. However, she was among at least 153 people who died in a Halloween crowd crush in South Korea's Seoul on November 29.

On November 2, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Binh Dinh Ho Quoc Dung led a delegation to visit and send condolences to the victim’s family and encouraged them to soon overcome the pain, and loss and stabilize their lives.

Besides, the Central province leader called for a party committee, people’s committee, and Vietnam fatherland front at all levels, agencies, and units to share the loss with the family.