Bkav issues device against dangerous virus WannaCry gratis

Bkav Corporation, the largest internet security firm in Vietnam, yesterday gratis issued a device named Wanna Crypt0r to check WannaCry ransomware – which has been wreaking havoc across the world.
Bkav issues device against dangerous virus WannaCry gratis
Bkav recommends that all computer users to immediately install updates and security patches and hotfixes via Windows Update on Bkav.com.vn/Tool/CheckWanCry.exe.

Before, the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT), under the Ministry of Information and Communications, has issued warnings as well as offered protection measures to all users to guard against the ransomware and its variations, which target Microsoft Windows - an operating system that is widely used in Vietnam, especially the outdated Windows XP.

Those who use Bkav Pro or Bkav Endpoint can operate directly because Tool automatically protect. Bkav’s free device will help users to check whether their computer have been affected by Wanna Crypt which is extremely dangerous as it is capable of stealing information and decrypting the entire system that has been infected.

WannaCrypt was used in a large Cyber-attack and has since infected more than 230,000 Windows PCs in 150 countries now including the Southeast Asian country. WannaCrypt first gains access to the computer system via an email attachment and thereafter can spread rapidly through LAN.
The ransomware can encrypt your systems hard disk and attempts to exploit the SMB vulnerability to spread to random computers on the Internet via TCP port and between computers on the same network.

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