Binh Dinh coconut rice paper to be exported to Asian countries

Sachi Nguyen, which specializes in producing rice paper in the Central province of Binh Dinh, said that the company had just exported a batch of over 200 boxes of traditional coconut-based rice paper and many different types of rice paper to Taiwan (China).

Accordingly, this is the first stepping stone on the six-month agreement between Sachi Nguyen and its Taiwanese partner through the online trading platform Alibaba. 

Thenceforth, Sachi Nguyen will monthly export a batch of over 200 boxes of the traditional rice paper to the market.

Sachi Nguyen produces rice paper based on traditional formula combined with modern machinery technology. Its products meet the hygiene requirements certified ISO 22000:2018.

Especially, the specialty was in a list of products with certification of four-star standard and model products of the province.

Earlier, Sachi Nguyen had signed two exclusive cooperation agreements with Singapore and the Republic of Korea on April 1 to export the traditional rice paper to the two Asian countries.