685 investors accuse Trinh Van Quyet, seek compensation

During the investigation, the Investigation Police Agency of the Ministry of Public Security (C01) has identified a lecturer at the National Defense Academy who is allegedly involved in wrongdoings related to the Trinh Van Quyet case.

Authorities conduct search at FLC Group's headquarters.

C01 has identified that among those who assisted Quyet and his accomplices in manipulating the stock market and committing asset misappropriation, there is a lecturer from the National Defense Academy under the Ministry of National Defense. As a result, the case has been separated, and the files have been transferred to the investigative agency of the Ministry of National Defense for further investigation under its jurisdiction.

Particularly, among the eight additional investigation requests, the Supreme People's Procuracy recommends separating the actions of the suspect Tran Van Toan, a military personnel involved in the fraudulent appropriation of assets of Trinh Van Quyet, and transferring the case to the Criminal Investigative Department of the Ministry of National Defense and the Central Military Procuracy for handling within their jurisdiction.

Tran Van Toan, residing in Co Nhue No.2 Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi, is a lecturer at the Air Defense - Air Force Faculty within the National Defense Academy under the Ministry of National Defense.

Additionally, during the case resolution process, C01 received petitions from 685 investors accusing defendant Quyet and his accomplices of market manipulation. These investors also requested compensation for damages related to six FLC stock codes. C01 has classified these petitions for further resolution.

Accordingly, it has been determined that investors who bought AMD, ART, HAI, GAB, and FLC stocks lack grounds for consideration and resolution due to the absence of evidence establishing damages caused by the market manipulation activities of Trinh Van Quyet and his accomplices regarding these five stock codes, as concluded by the Ministry of Finance.

However, regarding investors who purchased ROS stocks, C01 identified this group as victims in the asset misappropriation fraud case at Faros. Regarding the 126 petitions from individuals accusing legal violations by corporate entities such as FLC Group, FLC Quy Nhon Golf and Resort Joint Stock Company, and the accused Trinh Van Quyet, C01 has classified and transferred them to local investigative authorities for resolution within their jurisdiction.

C01 disclosed that among the 44 petitions filed by 33 individuals who entered into contracts to purchase bonds issued by FLC Group in December 2021 at a price of VND10,000 per bond with an annual interest rate of 12 percent, there are allegations against National Citizen Bank (NCB).

The accusations include failure to verify professional securities investors before selling bonds and selling bonds to ineligible recipients. Furthermore, FLC Group is accused of misusing the proceeds from bond sales for purposes other than their intended use.

C01 has determined that the bond purchase from FLC Group constitutes a civil dispute. In the event that the parties cannot come to an agreement, they have the option to initiate legal proceedings in court for resolution in accordance with regulations.

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