22 more people prosecuted for allegedly making, selling fake books

Additional twenty-two people were prosecuted for allegedly making and selling counterfeit books, the Police Investigation Agency under the Ministry of Public Security announced yesterday.


22 more people prosecuted for allegedly making, selling fake books ảnh 1 Tran Hung (L) and Nguyen Duy Hai (R)
Relating to the case ‘Manufacturing and trading counterfeit goods', ‘Abusing positions and powers while performing official duties’, ‘Bribery brokering’ and ‘Receiving bribes’ at Phu Hung Phat Production and Trading Company, the Hanoi Printing and Communication Culture Company, the Vietnam Directorate of Market Surveillance and the Hanoi Market Management Department and related units, police investigators yesterday said that they had just prosecuted 22 more people to further its investigation ‘Manufacturing and trading in pirated goods’.
Out of the 22 suspects above, three people were held in custody while the rest were banned from leaving their places of residence. Defendant Nguyen Duy Hai, a freelance worker, was identified as a bribe broker.
According to the investigators, all 22 people have helped Cao Thi Minh Thuan, Director of Phu Hung Phat Production and Trading Company in producing and selling a large number of counterfeit goods or buying fake books in special large quantities to sell profitably.
Previously, police investigators had arrested and prosecuted Cao Thi Minh Thuan and 11 others involved in the case. Amongst 11 accused people is Tran Hung, the main controller and former Head of Team 304, now Head of Team 1444 of the Directorate for Market Surveillance. Tran Hung was charged with receiving a bribe to cover up the case.

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