16 containers of cashew nuts retained at Italian ports

The Vietnamese Trade Counselor in Italy has recently informed that, after three timely interventions, 16 containers of cashew nuts have been kept so far when being transported to Italian ports.

The Vietnam Cashew Association (VINACAS) will also work with the Ministry of Transport and shipping lines to continue to support the retention and recovery of the remaining containers of cashew nuts. According to VINACAS, the role of the Ministry of Transport in handling legal procedures for documents and records to recover containers of cashew nuts is extremely important.

Currently, VINACAS continues to propose to the Government the next solutions for businesses, especially finding ways to handle containers of cashew nuts that have been recovered in two directions: finding new customers in Italy to sell these containers of cashew or quickly sending them back to Vietnam to minimize losses for Vietnamese enterprises.

VINACAS also recommends relevant businesses carefully prepare necessary papers so that VINACAS can continue to coordinate with relevant agencies and departments to support the recovery of containers of cashew nuts for them.

VINACAS affirms that the successful retention of 16 containers of cashew nuts at the Italian ports was thanks to the drastic direction of the Prime Minister, ministries, and especially the Embassy and Consulate of Vietnam in Italy.

According to Mr. Bach Khanh Nhut, Standing Vice President of VINACAS, in March this year, there will be ten more containers of cashew nuts arriving at Italian ports.

On March 16, the Ministry of Industry and Trade instructed the Vietnamese Commercial Counselor in Italy to directly go to the ports of Genoa and Naples to work with the port management unit, shipping lines, banks, and local authorities, suggesting to suspend delivery to have time to clarify the case.

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