Warning of mobile subscribers still able to register at different places

Preliminary inspection results of the Information and Communications Ministry reveal that there are still cases of one mobile subscriber being allowed to register for SIM cards in various provinces in a short time.
The press conference (Photo: SGGP)

The press conference (Photo: SGGP)

In yesterday’s press conference held in Hanoi by the Information and Communications Ministry, it was announced that 56 Departments of Information and Communications have already sent their own inspection result reports on mobile subscriber management. Along with them are preliminary results of the Ministry’s eight inspection teams, showing that many mobile subscribers are still able to register for a SIM card in different provinces and cities in a short time, while a number of subscribers do not fulfill their contract duties when signing up for four or more SIM cards.

Recently, to stop the incident of pre-activated SIM card selling, which could lead to scamming activities easily, the Information and Communications Ministry has asked telecoms businesses to strictly monitor their customers and explain necessary steps to these clients when they want to own from 10 SIM cards. Fruitful results have been achieved.

Until the middle of July, all mobile network carriers were able to check all of their business clients and 20 percent of individual ones owning 10 SIM cards and above.

Deputy Director Nguyen Phong Nha of the Telecoms Authority (under the Ministry of Information and Communications) said that his ministry has strongly requested mobile network providers inform any subscribers owning multiple SIM cards to sign a new contract if they actually use more than 3 SIM cards.

He hoped that the press can help in propagandizing the necessity of information verification to protect users’ right. When buying a SIM card under another person’s name, mobile subscribers might encounter unexpected problems using this card in financial, economic, administrative services. In addition, popular scamming tricks via cyberspace and telecoms networks must be announced to the public.

Deputy Director Nguyen Phong Nha of the Telecoms Authority is talking with the press (Photo: SGGP)

Deputy Director Nguyen Phong Nha of the Telecoms Authority is talking with the press (Photo: SGGP)

At present, the Information and Communications Ministry is urging telecoms businesses by August 31 to fulfill the goal of SIM card users being the same as SIM card registerers.

As to marketing calls and scamming activities via the telecoms, this Ministry said that it is cooperating with related state agencies to tighten monitoring and will handle any detected violations in the management of subscriber information as well as value-added services on telecoms networks. This is expected to gradually eliminate junk SIM cards and marketing calls.

Finally, the Information and Communication Ministry has directed its inspection teams, the Radio Frequency Management Authority, and the three leading telecoms enterprises of Viettel, VNPT, and MobiFone to regularly check and detect suspicious cases of using illegal transceivers to spread junk and scamming messages. Basically, this situation is under control now.

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