VNeID officially becomes national digital citizen app

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh yesterday chaired a summary meeting for 6 months carrying out the project ‘Developing an Application for Population Database, Digital Identification and Authentication for the National Digital Transformation from 2022-2025, with a Vision to 2030’ (Project 06). On this occasion, VNeID was formally announced to be the national digital citizen application.

Deputy Minister of Public Security Nguyen Duy Ngoc informed at the meeting that online public services based on the national population database have been greatly promoted nationwide. Nearly 125 million documents have been successfully processed via the National Public Service e-Portal. 21/25 level-3-and-4 online public services are offered to citizens, right on schedule of Project 06. This has enormously enhanced service provision and minimized negative situations.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh highly appreciated the efforts and achievements so far. He then pointed out the 25 tasks of Project 06 not being fulfilled (accounting for 54.3 percent). The proportion of document processing online is not truly high. 4/25 online public services were unsuccessful goals. The digitalization speed is still slower than expected.

He stressed the importance of Project 06 to help citizens form a new habit of not coming to state agencies for administrative procedures but using online portals instead. This is a tough challenge that requires strong determination of all state officials. When carrying out this project, to minimize resource waste, there must be breakthroughs in thinking and strategic visions in order to fulfill immediate tasks and prepare for long-term ones.

As to the national population database, chip-based citizen ID card, digital identification account, the Prime Minister asked for an acceleration in research for suitable platforms and applications in the aspects of cashless payment, bank account authentication, unsecured loan, information integration on citizen ID card to replace hard copies of personal documents.

Vice Chairman of HCMC Duong Anh Duc reported that the city is using all possible resources to form a consistent system for administrative procedures of the city, which is expected to launch this October. The system will provide 403 level-3-and-4 public services and 25 essential public services of Project 06 to all individuals and businesses.

Having this, city dwellers will not need to declare any personal information existing in the national population database. Each resident will use only one identification account for all online public services.

the Vice Chairman proposed that the Public Security Ministry consider the cases of Vietnamese citizens not born in Vietnam and the naturalized ones because it is hard to precisely identify the information on the birthplace and fatherland of these people for the sake of citizen ID card issuance.

In the meeting, VNeID was officially introduced as the national digital citizen application. The Prime Minister asked that the Public Security Ministry cooperate with related agencies and ministries, the localities to form a clear road map to propagandize this app to the public. The app allows citizens to update their personal information (education level, list of relatives, social security status, health insurance, vaccination, driver license, bank account, telecoms account, etc.) onto the national population database.

It is planned that by the end of this year, 3-5 million citizens will use this app fluently.