Viettel, VinaPhone formally offer eSIM

Along with 24 countries in the world, in Vietnam, Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel) and VinaPhone (a subsidiary of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group) officially provide eSIM (embedded SIM) for their customers.
eSIMs can be easily activated
eSIMs can be easily activated

Viettel stated that its first 2019 customers can change from the current SIM to the new eSIM free of charge. After that, it will launch the transformation publicly.

At the moment, Viettel only delivers eSIM in its shops which open even on Tet holiday.

It will soon support online registration for new eSIMs or changing from existing physical SIMs to eSIMs. This means instead of visiting a shop to obtain a physical SIM, Viettel’s customers will be able to subscribe on the Internet and receive a QR code with a phone number, followed by the activation step via any camera app or QR code scanner app.

Similarly, VinaPhone has already finished the piloting period, when many of its customers and members of major technological forums had a chance to experience eSIM and its various functions.

It now announces that its customers can register for an eSIM at home and then activate it with 3 simple steps in 20 seconds.

From the end of January 2019, its customers were able to pre-order eSIM at the website

These people will receive the new eSIM free of charge and with the highest priority.

At the moment, eSIM can be used on certain versions of iPhone like XS, XS Max and iPhone XR that supports eSIM, all of which require iOS 12.1 or later.

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