Viettel launches first 5G network in Myanmar

Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel) officially launched the 5G technology in Myanmar on August 5 via Mytel, its Myanmar’s branch name.

Mytel officially introduced the first 5G network in Myanmar on August 5
Mytel officially introduced the first 5G network in Myanmar on August 5

In this event, Myanmarese customers had a chance to experience the Virtual Reality (VR) technology as well as Video 4K using 5G network.

Viettel also demonstrated an on-site speed test of 5G technology for mobile phones right on the stage. Reports have shown that the connection speed of the 5G network in the piloting period reached 1.6Gbps, by far surpassing the current speed of the 4G one, at only 150Mbs.

After this event, interested people were able to test this new 5G technology in the Mytel Customer Center, located at Myanmar Plaza.

This achievement marks Viettel’s leading position in offering 5G technology in the three nations of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

According to Mr. Do Manh Hung, General Director of Viettel Global – the direct management unit of Mytel, Viettel has a long-term goal of becoming the pioneer in state-of-the-art technologies and reasonable products to best suit all kinds of clients.

Therefore, in Myanmar, Mytel is cooperating with various providers to introduce several mobile phone lines that can make good use of 5G technology.

Remarkably, although the subscription fee to 5G network will be the same as the 4G one.

Thanks to the initial step of Viettel, Myanmar is going to be one of the first nations in the region to offer 5G services, creating a wonderful opportunity for the development of wireless services and Internet of Things to replace the current mobile broadband connection.

Before this event, in May 2019, Viettel successfully made the first phone call using 5G technology in Vietnam, followed by a piloting period for 5G services in Cambodia in July 2019.