Vietnamese policemen raze heroin smuggling

The Police office in the mountainous northern province of Son La May 4 said that policemen had liaised with their counterparts from the Ministry of Public Security to raze out heroin smuggling with a large quantity.

According to Son La's police, at 9PM on May 3, police discovered that a 28-strong armed group in Kho Hong village in Chieng Xuan Commune, in Van Ho District of Son La Province were transporting heroin from Laos into Vietnam. Quickly, police besieged them asking them to give up but they remained stubborn and withstood by firing police.

Accordingly, police had to fire the gang and kill one man. The rest fled away toward the border. Police had seized 4 various guns with many cartridges, 10 backpacks containing 160 cakes of heroin and other items.

Son La's policemen are furthering the investigation.


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