Vietnamese Goods Week open in Singapore

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore today organize Vietnamese Goods Weeks in Singapore to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Vietnam-Singapore diplomatic relationship establishment.

The Vietnamese Goods Week will last until November 26 at over 140 supermarkets of NTUC FairPrice Group, aiming at intensifying direct export of Vietnamese goods to the distribution system of multinational corporations.
Lot of products showcased under the event are the result of the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s assistance activities to startups with strategies to develop in foreign markets. They comprises three specific fruits of Vietnam including sapodilla, pomelo and red fresh dragon fruit.
To prepare for the event, Vietnamese businesses have taken over 600 commodities into Singaporean supermarkets.
NTUC FairPrice’s retail system has shelved over 20 new Vietnamese products such as shrimp, fish, milk, rice paper, pho and vermicelli.
Besides showcasing Vietnamese products, the Vietnamese Goods Week will organize trade promotion activities between Vietnamese and Singaporean firms and Vietnamese cuisine performance.

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