Vietnamese firms joining generative AI field

Aware of the wide use of generative AI in creating lucrative services in life, Vietnamese technological companies are actively implementing it to develop their own products.
Prof. Vu Ha Van, Science Director of VinBigdata is introducing generative AI

Prof. Vu Ha Van, Science Director of VinBigdata is introducing generative AI

FPT Software is now building certain generative AI applications such as: FPT AI Writer (composing a document, translating languages, and providing informative answers to given questions), FPT AI Chatbot (interacting with humans for customer care and product trading purposes).

AI Lumitics startup is developing a generative AI system that can create images, videos, and sounds nearly the same as real ones to use for entertainment, education, and marketing.

VinBigdata JSC. informed that it has successfully built the big data for Vietnamese to be the foundation for other solutions integrating generative AI. Doing everything from the first to the last step has enabled the company to master the application of generative AI in creating suitable products and services for the market.

VinBigdata is going to integrate other technologies to turn VinBase (a comprehensive multi-cognitive AI platform) into the first generative AI platform in Vietnam. It will also provide generative-AI-related solutions such as Generative AI chatbot, callbot, or the new version of ViVi Virtual Assistant. These new products are expected to become more natural interacting with humans and effectively help people seek information more quickly.

Prof. Vu Ha Van, Science Director of VinBigdata, shared that with its big data for Vietnamese, VinBigdata is focusing on the three aspects of improving precision, minimizing infrastructure costs, ensuring security. Instead of exploiting about 175 billion references like ChatGPT, VinBigdata uses a few billion references only but is still able to create highly precise documents that are specific for the Vietnamese.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thoai Nam from HCMC University of Technology (Vietnam National University – HCM) said that generative AI offers multiple application ideas and values in the reality. However, it does have disadvantages like its prejudice coming from using only its training data or fake content creation. These might somewhat reduce the confidence of the public in using technology. Therefore, it is necessary to be well-prepared technologically and legally to limit these weaknesses and boost the strengths of generative AI.

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