Vietnam to soon apply Logistics Competitiveness Index

There will be rankings and evaluations of competitiveness designed for the logistics industry and its businesses as an effort to make it a high value-added service sector, according to Le Duy Hiep, Chairman of the Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA).
Vietnam to soon apply Logistics Competitiveness Index ảnh 1 Tan Cang - Cai Mep International Terminal (Photo: VNA)
One of those is the Logistics Competitiveness Index (LCI), a tool recently launched to measure the growth level, quality and infrastructure of the logistics and assess policies of provincial administrations to develop the industry.
The LCI will provide a ranking for each unit and local administration and show where they need to improve, giving policymakers a much-needed overview of the sector, said Le Thanh Ha from the VCCI’s Legal Department.
Hiep said the index will offer a panorama of the sector in different cities and provinces, on the basis of which policymakers can design policies for local development.
It will provide an insight and an explanation of why there are gaps among cities and provinces in the growth of logistics, he noted, adding that regulators can refer to the LCI indicators for the evaluation of various economic reforms and, in the long run, the index will help cut down logistics costs and support production for export.

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