Vietnam needs to have helicopter for donated organ transportation: Minister

Vietnamese Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said during a visit to the Vietnam-Germany Hospital in Hanoi on September 12, the health sector should have helicopter and special vehicles for transporting donated organs.

Minister Tien visited two patients who had undergone heart and lung transplants in the hospital, in which the organs were donated by those suffering from brain death at Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City and transported to the hospital via air.

Ms. Tien highly appreciated the transportation of donated organs via air, yet she supposed if there has been no flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the transplant will face difficulty; accordingly, the health sector needs to have helicopter and special vehicles for transporting the organs.

The Health Minister also congratulated the success of the transplants of the hospital's staff. Additionally, she lauded the co-ordination of the Vietnam National Coordinating Center for Human Transplantation and the medical worker team of Cho Ray Hospital in maintaining organs of the brain-dead donor.

Speaking with medical teams in the hospital, Ms. Tien said that in October she will convene a meeting with hospitals over the coordinating organs. She also urged the Vietnam National Coordinating Center for Human Transplantation to liaise with the Association for Organ Donation to raise awareness to residents of organ donation.

The two centers should publicize the telephone numbers, standards for organ donation and issue card to donors. The two facilities should update the list of recipients and people who have agreed to donate organs.  There should have supports for the poor in transplant by calling for social contribution.

The health minister urged the Vietnam-Germany Hospital to conduct scientific research for the lungs and pancreas transplants and such transplants are expected to perform in the next time

The two patients who had heart and liver transplants are recovering very well at the Vietnam-Germany Hospital one week after the surgery, said the hospital.

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